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Erin Mendenhall, community activist and environmental advocate, announced her bid to seek re-election for Salt Lake City Council District 5 onĀ April 4th.

ErinĀ hopes to build on her work over the past three years by addressing a shortage of affordable housing and inequities between the West and East sides of the valley, finding solutions to long-standing issues in the State Street area, and leading initiatives to improve our air and defend Salt Lake City’s progressive environmental policies. Through conversations with the community, Erin has identified a number of priorities for District 5 and Salt Lake City, including:

  • Expanding the city’s parks and trails system to provide more opportunities for recreation, connectivity and increased property value.
  • Protecting our watershed and providing healthy, reliable and affordable water to all residents.
  • Working with neighbors and business owners to achieve growth that fits with the character and context of the area.
  • Ensuring the safety of our communities and making strategic investments in areas in need. We need transparent partnerships involving neighborhoods, law enforcement, and other stakeholders to keep our neighborhoods safe and vibrant.

Erin has lived in District 5 for nearly two decades. She currently resides near the McClelland Trail, a project she championed to completion, with her husband Kyle and three kids.